Monday, 26 December 2011

Software Center in Ubuntu

In our day to day life, we choose the operating system according to the availability of the various kinds of softwares available for the particular operating system.

So in Ubuntu there is Software Center is available for downloading and installing application. You don't have to find the application from any other websites or from torrents, you can easily download and install the application you want.

There are many categories in Ubuntu Software Center for the sake of ease.
Here I enlist the all categories which are available in Software Center.

  • Accessories
  • Developer Tools
  • Education
  • Fonts
  • Games
  • Graphics
  • Internet
  • Office
  • Science & Engineering
  • Sound & Video
  • System
  • Themes & Tweaks
  • Universal Access

Here are some screenshots of Software Center which gives you a more clear idea about it.

You can also see that which application you installed previously on which date and lies upon which category.

And the last portion but not least, gives you the details of all modification like updates, removals, installation etc.

To install any specific application you can search the keyword on the top-right corner of the Software center. It enlist you the all application contain the search keywords.

After installing any application you can see it on your dash or by pressing 'Super[Windows key] + A'.


  1. This is very useful for day to day activity. else we will try to find pkg for each and every componant