Friday, 22 June 2012

How to establish a new E-mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird

First open Mozilla Thunderbird and write your name, e-mail and password and click continue. It will look for your ISP and get the IMAP, POP and SMTP server of your ISP.

Here you have to choose between IMAP and POP. The difference between them is, IMAP [Internet Message Access Protocol] which stores your mails on remote servers and when you connect internet it shows your mails from remote servers.

And in POP [Post Office Protocol] your mail stored in your PC's Hard-disk and you can see them without internet connection after downloading it.


Now you can see your account on left hand side panel. Select your account from there. It will show you your inbox, sent mails, draft etc.

You can select any mail to watch. You can open more then one mail in new tabs as shown in snapshot.

You can compose new mail by clicking on write button. Then new window will be open, you can write your subject and body here and also can upload attachments.

Mozilla Thunderbird also provides address book for saving contacts.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

How to hide the files and folders in Ubuntu

For hiding files and folders in Ubuntu you have to follow the below steps.

First create an empty document named ".hidden" in the same directory, you want to hide the files and folders. [right click -> create new document -> empty document]

Then open this ".hidden" file in text editor and list the files and folders line by line those you want to hide and save it.

Now press "Ctrl + h" to hide or show your hidden files and folders vice versa.

After pressing "Ctrl + h".

Saturday, 2 June 2012

How to burn DVD from other DVD in Brasero

Following are the steps for the burning a DVD from any other DVD.

1. First insert DVD and open Brasero then click on Disc Copy button on left hand side panel in Brasero as shown in screenshot.

2. Then select you CD/DVD drive from 'select disc to copy' section and set properties like burning speed[4.0X for good result], for writing another time, for burnproof etc as shown in following screenshots.

3.Now you can show the progress how many data has been copied in temporary memory at how much speed on both the window and right-top corner [in notification area].

4.  After copy the data it will prompt for replacing with blank DVD.


5. Then checksum is generated and burning process starts. Checksum is needed to check whether the data written on DVD and temporary memory are same or not? So checksum is created two times during burning process.

6. At the end you get the massage "DVD  successfully copied" at right-top corner notification area.