Sunday, 18 September 2011

How to install NetBeans on Ubuntu

Here, I will show you the method to install NetBeans in Ubuntu. NetBeans is IDE[integrated development environment] for Java, PHP, Python, Javascript, Groovy and many others.

Now, I will show you the steps to install NetBeans on Ubuntu. And I also attach the image so you can easily understand. And at last the video is there in which the whole method is described.

Step-1: Open terminal and goto the NetBeans driectory and run the '.sh' file.

Step-2: Then it opens the install box automatically then accept the agreement and click next to some dialog box which can see in below snapshots.

Step-3: Confirm the installation by open NetBeans 'Application -> Programming -> NetBeans IDE' and enjoy NetBeans IDE.

Now, this video is describe whole method of installing NetBeans.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Gwibber - Social Client for Ubuntu

Gwibber is a social client for Ubuntu. It provide multistream for all your social network. Gwibber automatically checks your spelling and shorten the entered URL. It support many services like Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, Digg, Flickr,, StatusNet, FriendFeed etc.

You can install Gwibber by hitting this command on terminal in Ubuntu.

$ sudo apt-get install gwibber

Here from this video, you can understand how to authorized your Facebook, Buzz, Twitter etc account. And how to set more than one stream for all your social network, hence you can simultaneously show your friends updates and share your own status to all.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Uget - Download manager

Uget is powerful and open-source download manager. It is light-weight and simple downloader in which you can pause and resume your downloads so if your connection crashed you can resume it afterwords. The Uget download manager built into GTK+. Here i attach some snapshots so you can get better understanding.

You can download it on Ubuntu by hitting following command in terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install uget

Uget provides the following features:
  • Queue downloads
  • Categorised downloads
  • Mozila Firefox extension through Flashgot plugin
  • Clipboard monitoring
  • Batch downloads
  • Import downloads from HTML file
  • Free and Opensource