Sunday, 5 February 2012

How to establish Mobile Broadband connection in Ubuntu

In this snapshot tour you can find tutorial of how to establish mobile broadband connection using Mobile with data cable or bluetooth or using any USB wireless modem. Here is the steps of establishing connection.

First open network connection from your dash [if you are using ubuntu 11.04 or higher version] or from system -> preference -> network connection [if you are using ubuntu 10.10 or lower version]. Then go to Mobile Broadband tab.

And then click on add button and then select your device and click continue.

Now select your provider's country or region and click continue and select your providers or you can add it manually.

Then choosing your tariff plan or if your plan is not listed then enter your APN address of your own plan and click continue and click on apply.

Now give the name and save the configuration. Then connect this connection from right side of the top bar.

And you are done, now you can use your internet.


  1. Congratulations! You came up with a very good guide for Ubuntu users! It is quite easy to follow because of the screen shots you have provided.

  2. Wow!This is what I call a very informative, useful and helpful post! And that ubuntu users can surely benefit this post that you shared to us. Keep on posting!

  3. This is so smart.. Many Ubuntu users will enjoy this mobile connection. Thank you, this is very informative.

  4. oh this is what i was looking for..great help actually i was pissed off..but thats now solved!
    farm fence


  5. I`m a new user to ubuntu. just trying it for past 1 week.
    i used, ubuntu is just amazing and super. i want to stick it. i
    installed in my windows 7. after install i use windows rarely.

    though ubuntu is Good, sometimes it is irritating.
    i can't install extra softwares like windows through wizard.

    then my major problem and my question through this mail is

    used to connect internet via my phone gprs(aircel) surprisingly it
    connects at the 1st time without any complications. i was very happy.
    but the happiness remains for just 2 min. modem disconnects frequently.
    say for every 2 min. then i should plug out data cable and re connect.
    then it will connect and after 2 to 3 min, again it will be

    i search net and ubuntu forums for help. some suggests me to install wvdial and genome ppp.
    ppp already installed and i installed wvdial.
    now both programs are installed. after that also, the same problem continues.

    if this internet connection problem solved, surely i'll stick to ubuntu and will Not go to windows.

    please linux experts, help me to solve this.

    J.Samuel Johnson

    1. Hey Samuel, it seems that there is problem with your data cable, it might be loose, after 2-3 min. it is disconnected due to data cable or connector. You can check both USB connection as well as mobile connector.

  6. super working thanks a lot

  7. How do i do using DONGLE..i am using DLINK ONE...PLEASE HELP

    1. You can use the dongle same way as above, if your dongle's driver are supported.

  8. what about if the modem is on pci card. would it be the same?

  9. thanks... it's working ..........

  10. hi, I tried this already but no chance, it has always worked before on mint and previous versions of lynux but my on my new computer sony vaio I am trying to install the new ubuntu 12.04 and it is not reading either the wireless nor the mobile phone, I am so disapointed, it used to be the best of linux for me, instant connection compared to windows configurations, what can I do?

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  12. hello i have some problem with my ubuntu 12.10
    In "New Mobile Broadband Connection" wizard there is a option "create a connection for this mobile broadband device:" and in this option we have to select the appropriate usb modem but my problem is that this option is disabled even if i have plugin my usb device in it however my ubuntu is detecting the usb device but still this option is disable. I have try all possible ways please help me how i will install usb modem i am using lava usb modem 730g model.