Wednesday, 21 December 2011

System Monitor in Ubuntu

System Monitor comes in-built in Ubuntu which contain four parts System, Processes, Resources, File Systems. Now we look at what information each part contain with snapshots.

  1. System :
    It contain the basic information about which version of Ubuntu you are using, which version of Linux Kernel is there and which version of GNOME is there.
    In this portion you can know how many RAM and which processor you are using and System status also tell you about how much space available on disk.

  1. Processes :
    In this portion, you can know which processes are running and which are sleeping. And you can also know how much memory and how much CPU time they take in order to complete their processes.

  1. Resources :
    In this part, you will get the graphical information about how many percentage of CPU is used at that time, how many portion of memory[RAM] and swap value is used at that time and in network history you can see how many data is sent and received.

  1. File Systems :
    In this portion, you can check the status of the hard disk or any removable device like pen-drive, memory card or portable hard-disk. Here you can see the details like the type of the device, total space of the device, how much space free and available on the device and how much space used on the device.

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