Friday, 3 April 2015

Sublime Text: Awesome text editor in Ubuntu

As a Android developer many times I need to do some coding in PHP and I use gedit(default text editor in Ubuntu) which has nice syntax highlighting. But somewhere it is not specially designed for PHP.

So I searched for any specific text editor which supports all PHP function and syntax. And at last I found Sublime Text is one of the best text editor for it. Because it has many advance feature apart from PHP sytax highlighting. It has many great features like finding keyword in the code, replacing texts, formatting the code, proper indention, etc.

As you install it and use it for some time, you will come to know about many other handy features. I will guarantee you that you can adopt it in 1 one or two days. You can also change the theme of editor that changes syntax color and background color.

The best feature I haven't seen in any other text editor is the right panel in Sublime Text which indicates you many things like length of your code, selection(if you select more than one page, it shows you how much part is selected so you can get some idea), current position of your cursor in the file which helps you when you have very lengthy file.

The lastest version 3 is just released and work awesome. Here is the screenshot tour of Sublime Text.

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