Thursday, 5 April 2012

DIA : A tool for drawing UML and other diagrams in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, if you are finding the alternate of Microsoft Visual Studio then DIA is the best choice. Dia helps you to draw your UML diagrams like class diagrams, object diagrams, use-case diagrams, sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, flow charts, and many other types of diagrams displayed in the last screenshot. Due to drag and drop facility, you can easily draw any diagram in no time.

You can download it from UCS [Ubuntu Software Center]. And here is the some screenshots of the DIA software.


  1. I prefer Creately UML tools to draw UML diagrams. They have support for all the major UML diagram types and they have contextual tool bars for separate diagram types making the interface less cluttered. Plus they have real-time collaboration which makes it very easy to work with users.

    1. There are paid option with personal plan starting at 5$/month. However there is public plan which is free. If you don't want advance feature like online collaboration I think that is more than enough. But I think the diagrams drawn using the public plan are public. check out their pricing page